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Karnataka is a great land of variety where memories of the past fuse with the present. Karnataka's travel destinations have exquisitely carved ancient temples over thousand years old, beautifully laid gardens those grace its garden cities, ancient monuments and magnificent palaces from the glorious past and dense tropical forests and wildlife reserves in store for the visitors.

The travel guide spreads light to the historic past and culture of Karnataka, tourist attractions it has to offer, climate and other infra structures relevant for a prospective traveller.

The history of Karnataka goes beyond the Mauryas. The land has seen many dynasties like the Kadambas, the Hoysalas, the Chalukyas and the Vijaynagar Empire rise and fall. All of them left their unique imprints those can be seen in the magnificant stone work, garden cities, ornate buildings and the remains of the great cities founded on the plataeu of the tropical forests. But it is not only the past and scenic splendour, but also the present itself is more active than most of the states in the country.

Karnataka is among the world's most ancient civilizations and is home to two of the World Heritage Sites - Hampi and Pattadakal . The temples at Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal in Bijapur district are a must visit for all art lovers. The temples of Halebedu, Belur and Somanathapura are great and unique architectural achievements. Some other famous tourist spots in Karnataka include Jog Falls, Shivasamudra Falls, Abbi Falls, The Irrupu falls, Manikyandhara, Kallatti Falls and Chunchanakatte Falls.

The Hill Forts of Karnataka such as Nandi Hill, Savanadurga, Madhugiri, Pavagada, Midigeshi, Ucchangi, Jamalabad, Manzarabad, Kavaledurga, Chitradurga , Basavaraja Durga, Devagad, Kurmagad, Shahapur, Shorapur, Nargund fort, Parasgad and Vallabhgad forts are also very popular with tourists.

Karnataka is also known as the Capital of Agarbathi (Incense Sticks), Arecanut, Silk, Coffee and Sandal Wood.

The fascinating fairs and festivals of Karnataka are a celebration of life in all its infinite variety. Most of them are exclusive to the state and reverberate with colour and gaiety. Every hamlet and village, every town and city has its own calendar of events to be celebrated.

Flanked by the soaring Western Ghats in the east and blessed by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea in the west, Karnataka has a 320 kms. long coastline dotted with unspoilt beaches and scores of temples. Some of these beaches and temples are unknown, unsung and undiscovered - and that is their biggest attraction.


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